So what is a "GOP Club"?

It depends upon who you ask.
Most are politically oriented to a degree, with that degree varying greatly. Some are primarily social. Some charge dues, some do not. Some are new, some are old. Some want to grow their membership, gain more exposure, become a force in their community and (who knows?) nationally, some are quite content with their monthly meeting with old and dear friends just as it is.

So what is

The short answer is "not much", at least not yet... As you can see, we are starting out with a directory of clubs. You see, conservatives are by their nature, well, conservative. We don't shout and scream much -- and maybe we should do that more -- we tend to observe what's going on and make our decisions based upon principles that do not change with the wind. As a result we sometimes feel alone in a world gone nuts. Some would say we "need to get out more". Well, maybe.

We believe there are a lot of us out there who would like to discover like-minded people, and this directory of clubs can help.

The GOP Clubs Directory

Searchable by state and county, what we hope will be the most comprehensive index of clubs in the country has begun here:

Find A Club

We would like you to help with a longer answer to the same question.

The thinking so far is:

So what's next?

Talk with us. Drop a note to the address below. Comments and ideas on what should become are absolutely crucial to where this goes. We think that all too often efforts like this are started from on high somewhere and the result is an effort that few agree with or use. We want this effort to be club-driven with real club people providing the direction and deriving the benefit.